Pottery-showroom.com is a decorative pottery catalog, specialy built to carefully provide decorative handmade products directely from factories to the decoration shops, florists / flower shops, distributers and shopkeepers.

With this user-friendly sales website we can provide wholesale prices with low minimun amout (just 600,00€ per order). we have a dedicated team to manage and deliver small orders directely from factories to you.

We are located in Barcelos (in northern Portugal, land of famous Barcelos Rooster). All our styles are developed and manufactured in Portugal.

We are constantly updating our catalogues with new itens, where you can choose from a large range of shapes, finishings and colors.

To see the prices, the sales conditions or place an order, please register here.

If you desire a visit from our salesperson to your business, please contact us Here, providing us your contact and address.

For customized styles or more information please do not hesitate to contact us Here.

We are a reliable and serious supplier, our main customers are essentially europe.
we can provide you with some references from some of our customers (with their authorization). Please ask it by contacting us!

Why authentic products? Because they are produced by hand, handcrafted.
Why so diversified products? we are manufacturers, not importers.
Why competitive prices? We are manufacturers, only products made in Portugal.